Kleine Schule  music school

Kleine Schule is a music school for trumpet, marimba, drums, percussions, and piano in Hisagi, Zushi. 

We grew up in Zushi, pursued a career in music, studied in Germany, and worked with a Russian opera orchestra. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, we were forced to return home earlier than we had imagined.

From now on, we hope to share our various experiences abroad with the children in our hometown. Thus, we founded 'Kleine Schule' (which means 'Little School' in German).

In Germany and Russia, when children start learning instruments like the trumpet or percussion, they study with professional musicians in music schools in town. Similar to typical piano lessons in Japan, they have one-on-one lessons with teachers, and as they advance, they participate in group lessons like ensemble playing.

However, in Japan, many children start learning wind and percussion instruments through extracurricular activities like brass bands, often without proper instruction or guidance on correct techniques.

It's strange that while piano lessons involve going to a piano school, the only option for learning instruments like the trumpet or percussion is through extracurricular activities.

Outside of school, we want to create more places where people of all ages can learn and enjoy music, making music more accessible to everyone.

With this in mind, we're always ready to welcome you.

by Tomoyuki and Ririko, Saito

Tomoyuki Saito


Born in Zushi in 1993. Began studying trumpet under Prof.Osamu Kumashiro at the age of 11. Moved to Germany at 19 and studied under Mr. Rainer Auerbach at the Berlin National Opera House, then worked as a freelance musician. Later, studied under Prof. Helmut Erb at the Würzburg Music University, graduating in 2019. Learned Baroque trumpet under Prof. Hannes Rux from 2015 to 2019.

Upon graduation, appointed as Associate Principal Trumpet of the Russian National Buryat Opera Orchestra. Participated in numerous premieres such as the opera "Madama Butterfly" and the ballet "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

In 2022, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russo-Ukrainian war, returned to Japan permanently and currently works as a freelance musician, performing with professional orchestras such as the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and providing guidance to younger musicians.

Additionally, as the founder of Ensemble Classica Zushi, aims to make classical music and ballet more accessible to many people in Zushi. Also organizes and manages stage performances for children, such as "Clown and Trumpeter," with his brother, Mitsuhisa Saito, a ballet dancer.

Since 2023, also active as a tenor singer, studying vocal under Tatsuya Takahashi.

[Main Organized Performances]
2017 Brass Quintet Concert
(Zushi Cultural Plaza Nagisa Hall)

2018 Ensemble Classica Zushi ~Classic Masterpieces with Brass Resonance~
(Zushi Cultural Plaza Nagisa Hall)

2019 Ensemble Classica Zushi ~Collaboration of Ballet and Brass Percussion Ensemble~
(Zushi Cultural Plaza Nagisa Hall)

2021 Ensemble Lenz ~Brass Quintet by Five People who Studied in Würzburg, Germany~
(Tokyo Concerts Lab, Shizuoka Prefecture Yaizu City Civic Hall, Zushi Cultural Plaza Nagisa Hall)

2022 Ensemble Classica Zushi Ballet from 0 years old ~A Mysterious World with Clowns~
(Zushi Cultural Plaza Nagisa Hall)

2023 New Stage "Kinkakuji" by Ballet, Japanese Dance, and Improvised Chamber Music
(Zushi Cultural Plaza Nagisa Hall)

[Main Appearances]
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Kamakura Shonan Bühnen Verrein, Ensemble Ars Nova, Orchestra Piedro Zare

Junge Philharmonie Berlin, Tage der Alte Musik (Early Music), Die Stadtpfeiffer (Early Music), Würzburg City Hall Renovation Commemorative Concert (Early Music), Promenade Concert (Mito Art Museum)

Ririko Saito

 Percussion, Piano

Born in Zushi in 1994,  She began learning piano under her mother at the age of 4 and started ballet at Noriko Yukiko Ballet School. It was during her time in the wind ensemble club at hisagi Junior High School that she discovered percussion instruments, sparking her dream of becoming a percussionist involved in ballet music.

She graduated at Tokyo University of the Arts. Later, she pursued her master's degree at the University of Music Freiburg in Germany. During her studies there, she was a recipient of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship. She also served as a percussionist for the Russian National Buryat Opera Orchestra.

Upon returning to Japan, she worked as a freelance percussionist, focusing on orchestral and chamber music performances. Since 2021, she has been studying Dalcroze Eurhythmics under the guidance of Chieko Sugiyama.

She won first prize in the Snare Drum category at the 15th PAS Italy International Percussion Competition. She is also a member of the percussion trio unit "Percussion Tree." She has studied percussion and marimba under Chieko Sugiyama, Takafumi Fujimoto, Sawako Yasue, Taijiro Miyazaki, Håkon Stene, and Tilman Collmer.

[Main Organized Performances]
- PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE by Tokyo University of the Arts Percussion Major Students (2017, Kawaguchi Lilac Music Hall)
- Debut Concert of "Percussion Tree" (2018, KUNERU HOUSE)
- "Percussion Tree" 2nd Concert (2019, KUNERU HOUSE)
- "Percussion Tree DUO Two Worlds" (2021, Zushi Cultural Plaza Sazanami Hall)
- "Sounds of Time - Dreams and Midnight Marches between Japan and China" (2022, Zushi Cultural Plaza Sazanami Hall) (*Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs "ARTS for the Future!2" project)
- "Percussion Tree" OKAERI LIVE (2023, KUNERU HOUSE / STUDIO EASE Setagaya Kinuta)

[Main Appearances]
- Orchestras (Guest Appearances): Shin Nippon Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra, Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo, Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, etc.
- Others: NHK TV "Lalala♪ Classic" (Panda Wind Orchestra), 45th Tokyo University of the Arts Regular Concert (Chamber Music) (Percussion Tree), Two Days and Two Nights of New Music (Ukraine), Full Act Revival of Ballet "Talisman" at the Golden Mask Awards (Moscow), Fuji Mountain Kawaguchiko Music Festival 2021 (Panda Wind Orchestra), "The Tale of Genji" (Duo with Jazz Vocalist Sachiko Kakuhashi), 72nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen millennium parade × Belle (Drum and Fife Corps), etc.

2023 New Stage "Kinkakuji" by Ballet, Japanese Dance, and Improvised Chamber Music
(Zushi Cultural Plaza Nagisa Hall)

Percussion Lesson

We welcome anyone who is experiencing percussion instruments for the first time, those who have played percussion instruments in club activities, aspiring professionals preparing for exams, and anyone else interested.

The marimba has a warmer tone compared to the xylophone, with a lower range, allowing you to feel the warmth of wood. It also has relaxing effects and is utilized in music therapy.

Percussion instruments, including the marimba, produce sounds when struck, making them enjoyable for people of all ages, from young children to seniors. For example, instruments like the triangle or tambourine, which many have encountered in music rooms, offer a wide variety of sounds depending on how they are played. Why not dive into the rich world of percussion instruments, which, despite their simplicity, offer endless possibilities?

You don't need to own an instrument; we will introduce percussion instruments that you can easily enjoy at home.

- Ticket System:
   40 minutes / ¥3,000

- Monthly Tuition System (4 lessons/month):

[Adults] *For individuals aged 19 and above, including working professionals
   60 minutes / 1 lesson: ¥5,000

[Exam Preparations]
   90 minutes / 1 lesson: ¥6,500

Trumpet Lesson

 I provide instruction for beginners, children, hobbyists, aspiring professionals, and even music college students.

In Germany, I learned the traditional style and techniques of trumpet playing from over 20 renowned performers, outside of university education.

I can offer effective advice to those experiencing issues such as trembling lip muscles or stiffness in the tongue.

With a focus on mastering the most important breathing techniques for trumpet playing, I ensure that you can freely play the instrument in harmony with the music.

Online lessons via LINE, Zoom, or Messenger are also available, with fees equivalent to in-person lessons. Additionally, there is a course available for the general public at ¥3,000 for 30 minutes.

Children (9-13 years old),

- Ticket System:
   30 minutes / ¥3,000
- Monthly Tuition System (4 lessons/month):

Over 14 years old
  60 minutes / 1 lesson: ¥5,000

[Exam Preparations]
   90 minutes / 1 lesson: ¥7,500

If you require lessons longer than 90 minutes, such as for those coming from afar, please feel free to inquire about customized lesson durations.

The location of Kleine Schule

Kleine Schule is located a 12-minute walk from JR Zushi Station, near Hisagi Elementary School.


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